Calibration station

Laboratory station

Comprising of:

  • Controller DPC3000;
  • DPCeasy;
  • MTC E-Cal Sensor Evaluation;
  • MTC Sensor Box.

Laboratory Station

Here, the components of the calibration station are available in individual stackable housings or for 19″ rack mounting. It consists of the DPC3000 controller, DPCeasy, MTC E-Cal sensor evaluation, and MTC Sensor Box.

The DPCeasy functions as a pre-pressure regulator for the DPC3000 and can be directly connected to a 300-bar compressed air or nitrogen bottle. It regulates the input pressure for the DPC3000.

In the Sensor Box, 3 sensors with smaller measurement ranges can be installed to increase measurement accuracy, protected against overpressure by high-pressure relief valves. For example, a calibration sequence from 0 to 200 bar automatically uses the 0 to 1 bar sensor in the lower range, then the 0 to 10 bar sensor, the 0 to 35 bar sensor, and finally the 0 to 200 bar sensor.

The number of sensors and measurement ranges can be chosen as needed. External individual sensors can be connected. All components are interconnected via the MECOTEC SENSOR BUS.

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