Pressure Calibrators

DP400 Pressure Calibrator
  • Intuitive operation via 7″ touch display;

  • Leak test function;

  • Graphical representation;

  • Math function, sensors can be calculated against each other;

  • Storage on USB stick;

  • Battery operation for up to 6 hours;

  • Logger function: 1-3 channels, 18 samples per second;

  • Up to 3 pressure ranges per device;

  • Use of external pressure ranges;

  • Option: Highly accurate Pt100 temperature measurement.

DP400 Pressure Calibrator

The pressure calibrator can be equipped with three pressure ranges + Baro. The bright 7″ touch display is intuitively operated and focuses on the most important functions: pressure display, stability indication, unit, and measurement type.

External pressure sensors can also be connected and are immediately visible via the internal data bus. Averaging, decimal places, and unit are adjustable for each sensor. In the graphical interface, the logger function can be activated. Data is stored as a CSV file on a USB stick.

Measured values can be calculated against each other, barometric compensation is supported. Switching between gauge and absolute pressure is possible.

DP301 Pressure Calibrator
  • Differential pressure, gauge pressure, absolute pressure

  • New bright OLED display

  • New features: Leak test, pressure loss rate

  • Precise, robust, battery-powered the revised version of the DP301 is equipped with a new display and updated software. Available in 3 versions:

  • DP300-L – Differential pressure 0…1mbar to 0…20mbar

  • DP300-D – Differential pressure 0…100mbar, 0…1 bar, 0…4bar, 0…10bar,

  • DP300-C – Media-resistant 0…0.1bar, 0…1bar, 0…2bar, 0…4bar, 0…10bar, 0…20bar, 0…40bar

  • Gauge pressure or absolute pressure, measurement start zero or negative, accuracy 0.015…0.025% FS.

  • Medium: Gases and liquids

DP200 - The Classic Since 1992

The modified DP 200 features newly developed electronics and a 6-digit display with the display of the physical unit. The accuracy class is 0.15% of full scale. The easy operation with high reliability makes the device suitable as a handheld manometer for rough workshop use or for field service technicians.

The 10% range of the magnifying function, separately linearized, brings the advantage of further increased resolution. A wide range of measurement ranges for pressure, differential pressure, and absolute pressure is available.

Special ranges can be accommodated flexibly. The sensors are suitable for all non-aggressive liquid and gaseous measuring media. A silicone diaphragm is available for moderately corrosive media.

  • Measurement accuracy: 0.15% FS

  • 6-digit LCD display with dimension display

  • Pressure, vacuum, differential pressure, absolute pressure

MECOsmart Digital Hand Manometer

The MECOsmart is a robust, easy-to-handle, highly accurate hand calibrator. Its sturdy construction makes it a resilient and reliable companion for field use. The aluminum housing with stable plastic side parts ensures high shock resistance. 3 out of 11 pressure units can be selected on-site. The selection of measuring ranges ranges from 0…1 mbar to 0…10 bar. Special ranges can be accommodated flexibly.

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