Calibration Service

Factory calibration (traceable) and DAkkS. We calibrate not only devices from our production but also devices and sensors from other manufacturers. Measurement ranges from -1 to +600 bar gauge pressure or absolute pressure.

With current or voltage output.


Preserve your investments.

Optimize your measurement accuracy with our first-class calibration system for pressure sensors and field transmitters!

Leasing or Renting

Do you want to ensure that your measurements are precise and reliable? Our professional calibration system is the solution you need! We offer you the opportunity to lease our state-of-the-art calibration devices for pressure sensors and field transmitters and enjoy numerous benefits:

  1. Highest Precision: Our calibration systems are developed with the highest precision and accuracy to ensure that your measurements always meet the highest standards.

  2. Annual Maintenance and Calibration: We take care of it! Our team of experts performs annual maintenance and calibration services to ensure that your devices always function optimally.

  3. Cost Efficiency: By leasing our calibration systems, you save significant costs compared to purchasing your own devices. You only pay for usage without having to worry about maintenance or calibration.

  4. Flexibility: Our leasing options are flexible and can be tailored to your individual requirements. Choose the runtime that suits you and upgrade your system as needed.

  5. Expert Support: Our dedicated support team is available at all times to answer your questions and provide technical assistance.

Trust our years of experience and our high-quality calibration systems to ensure the accuracy of your measurements. Seize this opportunity and enhance the quality of your processes.

Contact us today to learn more about our leasing options and how we can help improve your measurements. Give yourself the assurance of precise measurement – with our calibration system for pressure sensors and field transmitters!

Any questions?

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