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MecoKal2 software is the centerpiece of a comprehensive calibration system for performing fully automatic or automated calibrations. MecoKal2 is easy to use, intuitive, extremely flexible, and open to interfaces.

All calibration data is stored in a relational SQL database. The provided package uses MS Access® for linking and easy data management, and includes an MS Access® database form for creating calibration certificates. This form can be customized by the user according to individual preferences, such as inserting a company logo and the company details of the calibrating entity.

It is also possible to access and process the data with any other suitable software, for example, to create graphics such as with MS Excel®. The calibration certificate output can then be in various formats, including PDF or directly on paper.

MecoKal2 inherently includes the ability to automatically use MECOTEC pressure regulators and reference standards, as well as the use of other devices such as pressure balances or other existing pressure generators/regulators and reference standards. The pressures can be easily manually set, read, and entered in this case.

Through external adapters, it is also possible to connect any communicative device to MecoKal2 and integrate it into the automatic calibration. MecoKal2 offers the same flexibility regarding the calibration object. Naturally, all MECOTEC products as well as calibration objects with current or voltage signals can be calibrated fully automatically.

The calibration of analog instruments, where the pointer is aligned with the scale markings, as well as the manual reading and entering of the pressure value of any other calibration object, such as simple digital pressure gauges, is possible from the outset.

Again, any communicative calibration object can be connected to MecoKal2 using an external adapter, enabling the fully automatic calibration process. For indicating instruments, the use of camera-based image recognition software for automatic data acquisition and processing is also possible.

Identification of the calibration object can be done, for example, using barcodes, QR codes, or other reading devices. MecoKal2 automatically selects the stored data and the data capture method from the database. The complete detailed and comprehensive history of all previously performed calibrations with conditions and evaluations is available at all times.

Various types of statistics, such as trends, can be generated. Calendar systems or alarm functions, indicating upcoming calibrations, can also be implemented, providing automatic reminders to the user. Be assured that you can easily use the acquired data in the future. Data export, including for backup, is done in the form of a standardized SQL script in pure-text form, allowing you to recover the entire database whenever needed, as long as the fundamental and indispensable standards of SQL and ASCII/UTF-8 exist in the computer world.

The relational structure of the database ensures that, despite the easily readable format of the recovery information, the data volume remains manageable. Fundamentally, MecoKal2 is designed for the calibration of pressure values, but even here, MecoKal2 is open – simply create additional units in the database and use MecoKal2 with the same simplicity, flexibility, and security for the automated calibration of, for example, temperature or electrical or any other conceivable quantities.

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