DPC 3000 - Case with accessories

One case - one pressure calibration system for the automatic calibration of sensors and field transmitters
  • Pressure supply via bottle 220 bar

  • Pressure supply via pump -1…6 bar or bottle 220 bar;

  • Li-ion quick-change battery up to 9Ah;

  • External sensor module; from 100 mbar to 40 bar;

  • Barometric compensation; Temperature measurement;

  • Detection of current/voltage signals of test specimens;

  • PC software MecoKal;

  • Incremental encoder for continuous setpoint adjustment;A pressure regulator in a compact design.

The DPC 3000

A compact and mobile pressure calibration system in a case for calibrating pressure sensors and field transmitters. The system consists of a robust case with pressure supply, pressure regulator, and test specimen signal evaluation.

External sensors enhance accuracy in smaller measurement ranges up to 0.025% FS.

The calibration software MecoKal is installed on an external PC running Windows, allowing for fully automated calibration processes up to certificate generation.

The controller itself already has automatic calibration processes according to DAkkS guidelines pre-installed. Specific procedures can be parameterized for each test specimen. Functions such as leakage test and graphical representation of the pressure curve are available. The USB, RJ45, and internal sensor bus interfaces facilitate communication with the PC or other systems.

The extremely fast, 2-stage pressure regulator is freely parameterizable in wide ranges and can be adapted to challenging control requirements.

The compact pressure calibration system in the case is ideal for on-site use in harsh industrial environments or laboratories where fast, accurate, and reliable calibration of pressure sensors and field transmitters is required. It provides an easy-to-use and precise solution for calibrating pressure measuring devices and minimizes the risk of errors that may occur during manual calibration.

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