Pressure regulator

DPC 3000
  • High-contrast 7″ touch display;

  • Switching between gauge and absolute pressure;

  • Interfaces: USB, RJ45, RS232, SENSOR BUS;

  • The pressure regulator is available with measurement ranges from 0…5mbar to -1…220bar;

  • Accuracy is dependent on the measurement range, typically 0.025% FS.

DPC 3000

The DPC 3000 features a high-contrast 7″ touch display with a clear layout. The additional keyboard includes the most important control elements of the regulator. The aluminum housing is stackable and particularly suitable for test benches.

Through the current/voltage module, electrical transmitters can be directly connected. With predefined calibration routines according to DAkkS regulations, these can be automatically calibrated. Customizable pressure profiles can also be created and saved.

The pressure curve can be graphically represented and stored in a CSV file. A leakage test function with display of the pressure loss rate is available. When using a barometric sensor (optional), it can be used for compensation.

The universal application is noteworthy. Apps run on the embedded system, for example, for pressure switches, bursting disc tests, leak tests of large containers with several cubic meters. The apps are developed according to customer specifications in terms of user interface and functionality.

External feedback (the sensor is located at the test specimen) and 4 switching outputs can be used for controlling pumps or solenoid valves. By using digital I/O modules (description below), the DPC3000 can achieve PLC functionality with the corresponding app. (Example: Pressure test stand for large equipment)

Communication with a PC is ensured through the interfaces.


An extremely fast controller for testing and test tasks or for use as a pre-pressure regulator. Accuracy < 0.1% FS. Control ranges from 0…10 bar to 0…300 bar, with optional Sensor BUS. Optional PC communication.


For the supply and evaluation of analog transmitter signals, HART communication is an option.


To improve accuracy, a box with 3 sensors can be equipped, selected for calibration via our MecoKal software in auto mode. Internal safety valves prevent damage to the small measurement ranges.

8-fold I/O module and Valve Switch Accelerator

The digital I/O module gives the DPC3000 PLC functionality. Several can be managed via the bus.

The switch accelerator (Image: left module) accelerates the switching of 24VDC valves, thereby reducing the switching speed. Time and degree of excitation are adjustable.

Mini USV

To prevent pressure entrapment in the system during a power failure or emergency stop, the UPS can open the relief valves or initiate a shutdown sequence.

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